Technical Specifications

• Protects the nutritional value of silage, prevents unwanted fermentation process.
• It minimizes the risk of rotting of silage in bad weather.
• Improves the nutritional value of silage during storage.
• Low cost: storage tank or warehouse for silage
no need to separate.
• Durable, exposed to high UV radiation and agrochemicals
It does not deteriorate even when left on.
• It works well even at very high air temperatures, does not break, does not dry out and fall off.
• It reduces the amount of waste silage and reduces costs.
• Width: 250mm 370mm 500mm 750mm
• Thickness: 25 – 50 microns
• Length: 1500 m / 1800 m
• Color: White / Black / Green
• UV Protected


Between 20-50 Microns


250mm  370mm 500mm 750mm

Tensile Strength

% 300
Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 150 × 35 × 120 cm